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What exactly is our platform about?

If you own a store that sell's any kind of wearable's, you will be able to feature it on our mall with all the great quality products that you have to sell! Your store could be a physical, extravagant state of the art shop or it could even be an online Facebook / Instagram page with a reputed follower base which is owned by a registered company in Sri Lanka. We focus specifically on wearable's and we aim to create a platform, where customers could come to one place to do all of their shopping virtually online.


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This is just a few from our abundant list

Multi-Search Algorithm

Our search bar can handle just about anything, even if a customer types 'Medium Size Men's T-Shirts' it will show them all.

Google Analytics

Your store will get a google analytic's account to help you understand everything you need to begin and help grow you online marketing campaigns.

Price per Stock

Your pricing could vary from the stock selection for an specific item, a medium red T-Shirt could cost Rs 900/= and the large variant of it could be Rs 1000/= .

Sylk Voucher

Your customers can buy a Voucher from our mall, and use it anywhere within our wall's, giving them the flexibility to spend it the way they want to!

Newsletter Subscription

Your customer's can subscribe to your stores weekly newsletter, so you can keep your customer updated on your new arrivals and stocks upgrades

Online Payments/COD

Customers can pay online or even select cash on delivery, if you accept in-store pickups that'll be a option for the customer during checkout as well.

'I need to stop, i whispered to myself as I clicked Add to Cart'

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Responsive Interface

The stores and the mall are both very responsive to any kind of device!

Elegant Design

Store's you can select different theme's, giving each store a unique look.

Filter Selections

Filter through the products based on tags, size's and color. A tag can represent anything from the material to a collection name

Check in, Check out

Your customers can check in from any shop and check out from any shop haslte free!

We use Machine Learning to Recommend Products, and we know what your customer really desires.

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